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I Don't Think I'm Pregnant

This song is by Diana Anaid and appears on the album I Don't Think I'm Pregnant (1999).

I don't like books, but I know you do
I walked into the bookstore thinking of you
And it's early in the morning and I'm not sure yet
I'm feeling sick but I don't think I'm pregnant
And I feel like talking if I thought I had some money
If I even had an hour I'd go see somebody

I don't watch tv unless I'm lonely
I don't like junk food but it reminds me of you
And it's cold in this city, I'm lost
And accidentally been away too long
I don't like the road I'm on

And I don't feel like walking if I've got nowhere to go
Don't wanna find somewhere to stay if I've still got to sleep alone
Why should I bother anymore
You only get what you paid for
I'll leave a message on your phone but I won't wait for you to call
Maybe we should talk, I don't think I am pregnant anymore

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