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This song is by Diana Anaid and appears on the album Diana Ah Naid (1996).

You're taking flowers from my gravestone,
I can feel your heavy feet pressing
On my bones, like you always did,
Walk too heavy around me, I used
To think you didn't give a shit,
Now I know you saved it all up just
For me, I play with words when you come by,
Because you always play at games I don't like,
I'm a really strong woman, with no reception,
I'm a really good girl, just in a bad direction, I think I followed
You around too much I think I really should have looked down,
When I looked up, at you, with your strange expressions
And lights of attitude dimmer than your erection,
Yes, I remember it well, I know i shouldn't but, what the hell,
It's just a dick and so are you, I get so sick of the things that you do.

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