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​Nightfall In Shadowlands

This song is by Diabolical Breed and appears on the demo Dark Alliance (2000).

I kill, inhaling the lustfull smell of death by the vampiric bite.
Such a delightfull thrill raping the soul of a bewinged creature dressed in white.
Forever meant to be the servant of my darken lord, holy blood runs down the edge of
My mighty battlesword. A pleasant obligation as the chief commander of my master's demonic horde.

Nightfall in shadowlands, a darken exile meant for beings like me.
Where I can do my evil deeds, without the slightest feeling of remorse.
Demons shalt dance in evil extacy, an overwhelming tribute to this dark side of the force.

I sacrifice, virgin blood fills my unholy chalice every fullmoon night.
Incouraged by her shrilly cries, I rape the helpless body to honour my lord,
And out of pure, evil spite.

Shadows of gorgeous maiden breasts paints my walls in dim candle light.
Soft feamale lines in spasms that pleases my dark master of might.
Such a horrid picture, reflected by a pale moon, shining bright.

Nightfall in shadowlands, hellish creature domain.
Offsprings of the true evil source.
Under bright moonlight, human lives disdained.
Mortals die for the dark side of the force.