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This song is by Diabolic and appears on the album Subterraneal Magnitude (2001).

Born in the heart of darkness
The Incubus of life and death
Divination and enchantments
Gateway to Sorcery

Rebellion against God
Rejection of Jesus Christ
Testament of Necromancy
Dabble in the world of fleshcraft!

Conjurier is the voodooistic
Deepen oath in vain
Brillance of the bewitched
Fateful to the pitiful

Impurity needs the flesh
Infested by the swarm
More than just a deity
Consecration of our bliss

Mystic charm of shaman
Enchanting in the ghost dance!


Succubus transformed
By the unbaptized
Hawthorn uneffective
Figments of imagination

Calling upon the entities
Materialized through powers
Practitioners of magic
Intrusion of evil!

Apostacy constituted
Worship of the christian devil
Presence of angelic forces
Feelings of magnetic charm

Thirst for fascination
Surface incarnation
The moment has arisen
Adverse effect possession!

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