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Into The Sea

This song is by Diablo and appears on the album Icaros (2008).

You see the tears of God
Falling down into the sea
Horizon is calm as ice
But that's not how it seems

Storm is rising from the north
Where the waves are made of sorrow
We're sailing into a place,
Where I can rest in peace

Because of you, I guess we're through
This is the way it has to be
The last page in our story
Has been full of lies and deceit

You were someone to believe in
A place for hope in a changing world

Dear sister of goddamned lie,
A monster at heart, shepherd of the night
Still standing proud like a queen,
I see, but your empire has come
To the end as least for me

God look at me now 'cause I,
'Cause I will soon belong to the sea

Forgive me now. Only in silence of water
I can find serenity

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