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Walk With Me

This song is by Di-Rect and appears on the album This Is Who We Are (2010).

He was born in nineteen eighty
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
Be a big man, don't you cry
Said his papa with his broke down pride
Some day he knew he'd walk away
He packed up on a dark and cloudy day

Do it yourself, leave me alone, you can take it
How come I am the only one who doesn't fake it
Walk with me & I'll tell you where to go

Now it is my time to roam
Over mountaintops I'll go
The sun is shining bright like (a) lightning
But when the night falls it (might get) gets frightening
See, I don't, need to, be afraid
'Cause I'm free and I'm not gonna deviate

I did it myself, I'm better alone, I made it
How come you push it's like you just wanna be hated
Walk with me I'll show you where to go

Through my days I sleep
Through the night I weep
When I'm dreaming I am floating, flying
I'm so glad, you're here
Side by side sharing fear
We'll arrive in a place, that we call home

Through my knees I sleep
Through the night I wish
When I'm dreaming I'm flowing flying
I am so glad you're here
Side by side...
We arrive in a place, we call home
We arrive in a place, we call home

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