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This song is by Di-Rect and appears on the album Discover (2001).

The sun goes up
But it stays night
It was her last time up
It was her fight

She is a girl that was born too wild
She never learned to be a child
She never turned down again
And she don't matter

Hate and fear it was between her eyes
And there she cares about her thing
She hears to be together

Look her face
Wild in trance
All those days
Find romance

I heard the Toms said;
Days go by
She never found out how to cry
She let her parents fight our side
And she don't matter

And her tears
She how decide for all those years
The fears are coming out now and she feels better!

Look her now
With all her friends
She screamed out loud
Was revenge

Parents fade
Someday screw
She hates to live
By rules

She wants friends
And romance
Now she has a change
To take revenge

Every day
She tries to say
Without sense
Take revenge

All the way she wasn't meant to stay
She's got a chance to make her live worth living
All her friends gave her a second chance
She didn't stand a chance
Now she's on heaven!

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