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Abysmal Black Art Of Devotion

This song is by Dhul-Qarnayn.

Severed limbs of virgin angels rain upon the earth
As Heaven set ablaze, in depth and worship, of Him,
Jesus groveled, inverted, on the holy wastelands,
As we raped the human race, the helpless shepard pleaded,
And bleeded, before the sons of Satan, the universe is beneath
Our command, the mighty sigil burns with scourge and dominance,
Eternal night and crushing fog crumbles the world, armageddon wreaks of
Fresh flesh, God's eyes fade as he takes his last breathe, we are the key,
To life's funeral, now it is time to reign upon the forsaken realm,
Temples fall under bonfires of victory, sacred words of the unlight
Left eternal scars on the sons of He, Father's demon's roam in feed of the lifeless,
Ravishing the once lush lands of the sheep,
We procreate our demons, to fall beyond His devotion
A new emblem is sealed, an infernal creed shall be done,
With sin and hatred, a new world of the under salvation shall arise,
Within the flesh of Hell youthful veins shall collapse to devour exsistence

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