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​All Flows

This song is by Dharma's Lane.

(Verses 1-4)
Met ol' girl in Baton Rouge
Man, this bird could sing the blues
A kaleidoscope guitar from another place
With long orange locks all in her face

A body from hell that never would move
But those fingers began just pickin' a groove
So I just sat on back and took a shwill of my beer
And heard the song of the sirens drawing me near

The guitar opened up into a visual language
Out jumped a gnome and started turning the pages
But the pages weren't pages and it sounded like color
The true light, the new light and spoke of no other

What tripped me out though was my de ja vu
This perceptual energy was offered anew?
I was a mineral once, a quartz scepter perhaps
An orka in the pacific just swimming my laps

The crying philosopher speaks in desperation
Pante Rhea
Pante Rhea
Pante Rhea