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Stand Up

This song is by Dgn and appears on the album ...Welcome To Stockeland (2006).

I guess now you finally see
For once, the blame wasn't placed on me
Wouldn't you like to know how I feel?
It's so nice to feel so free
Now the world takes a different view
When so much was resting on you
Your strength gave out
You gave out

Solitude rolled down your face
You tried to hide away your pain
Unbelievably, you gave out
You gave out

Isn't this what you want people to see
This is what you made us all believe
It's time to show the world
The faults that lie within
I'm not so sure
Where I should begin
You've gone too far
You gave out

This is so unreasonably faithless
You make me feel so hateless
I don't know how to take this
So now, more then ever stand up

As I look around, I see a world of broken hearts
The life you've been given was not intended to be wasted
On lost loves and empty dreams
There's so much more
So much more just waiting for you to reach out and take it
So many are just living, waiting for death
Don't live your life so meaninglessly
Through the times and generations questions have been asked
And ultimately, the world seeks an answer to this life
There is an answer to your outcries
Jesus Christ

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