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​Go Eat At Home

This song is by Dfa.

I want to throw you on the floor
The moment you walk through the door
Take on bite and throw it away, I'm getting pissed someone's gonna pay
Your stupid kids id like to kill
I want to beat you when you spill
I hope you all burn in hell
You make me wanna scream and yell
Id like to stab you with a knife
Come at 12, stay the whole night
You are always too damn rude
I am going to pee in your food
Id like to spray disinfectant in your eyes
I hope that this food makes you die
Next time stay and eat at home and leave all of us alone
I don't wanna clean your mess
So fuck you
Patience being put to the test
So fuck you
I hate it here anyways
Were all underpaid
Eat at home