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Good Girl

This song is by Dezire.

I can't believe what I did
I left my homie's I'm with
And found myself kinda new, damn you
I usually don't act like that
Now I behave really bad
And so I came with the spot, so hot
And I said:
I don't need your money
'Cause I just wanna party with you, with who? With you
Throw your lovely sweater
'Cause I will look much better on you, on who? On you

Ref. Gotta be a good girl, wow
Gotta take it nice and slow
They taught me, they taught me
Gotta stop when I be bad
I must do like mama said
She told me, she told me

I don't remember my name
I think I'm going insane
I shake my booty too fast, oh yes
And still I'm going for more
I start to feel like a ... (szszsz)
And now I swallow my pride, that night
So I said"
Tie me up somebody
'Cause I can't stop to party myself, with no help
Hold me and control me
'Cause he ain't gonna call me one day, no way

Ref: Gotta be a good girl, wow

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