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See You In Hell

This song is by Dexter Danger and appears on the album Hellafornia (2005).

I'll rip your tongue out of your mouth
There ain't a word you can say now
Sit back and listen carefully
To all the words I have to say

A ticking time bomb on the run
And I don't regret a thing I've done
Always move forward don't look back
My battle scars display my past

You point out all the faults I've made
As if you haven't done the same
Look in the mirror; what do you see?
Is it a face that looks like me?

I've got some knives stuck in my back
From all the friends I used to have
Revenge is sweet I hear her say
The only faith that I believe

I've got some voices in my head
That tell me what to do and when
Your savior isn't gonna help
So pack your bags, see you in hell

God forgive me for what I've done
For leading life the way I want
Turn the dials back up to ten
And sing this song to me again

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