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Modern Day Sid And Nancy

This song is by Dexter Danger and appears on the album Hellafornia (2005).

I was a dreamer when I was a kid
I believed in a girl that didn't exist
I knew if I met her, I'd know right away
I finally saw her a week from my birthday

Fate grew in numbers over the years
It led to a romance that ended in tears
My reason for running was still quite unclear
Before I could see it, our flame disappeared

Baby just one more try
I should have took the chance when it was my time
Baby please wipe those eyes
I promise you this world was destined for you and I

All that I have now are memories to prove
Kisses and long nights that I shared with you
Remarkable details still haunt me today
I figured it out now, I showed up too late

We live in a world where we come and we go
Without realizing the importance of hope
I know that I fucked up and now I'm alone
But maybe I'll find you and maybe I won't

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