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Knee Song

This song is by Dexter.

Verse 1

Sharp start stop givin in, power pain cold and shiverin, so fucked only hands are used to play the strong, then struck while walkin along where I feel belong, sit then stand just a pain that will always stay, I'll trip and fall these knees are done, I am so gray, scared strait then will slowly go, have to bare just wait slow so slow.


Joints just odd so remake me new day wont come so what do I do to prove I'm still new?


So pray for me

Verse 2

To wonder shit, just impossible, too much pain I never

Not feel it just sick, cant move the way I want to, to make new is too much work it swells swollen stiff stuck and cant jerk, difference unbearable, to say that I love the other way it use to be, cant change, don't want to, that started this mess, no surprise change.


The numbness is inside of me please can you fix my knee?


Numbness is inside of me please can you fix my knee? now its time to look and see what im about to be so can you pray for me please can you fix my knee selfish I don't wanna be please can you pray for me