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Buried Love

This song is by Dexter.

You came in stain my walls paint it new I can't stand this plague you grew put on repeat clamp your teeth so

You can cry and try grab the meat you thief put me back sail away from me cancel me I will be one with you and

One with me band saw cut in circles shape me into what you want helpless by myself so stop fixing me to what I'm not

Can't be what you want

Carry me call me out come together this day of new don't shout out talk around run around no matter what don't fall down break the sound hear you here you steer there if your back don't stop that or I'll crack I won't care if you don't chance it nothing will change don't miss it no cries heard from these banshees all explicit from me to you and you to me a def mute to only see

Can't be what you want

Wont come back don't come back can't come back welcome come back

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