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Parasitic Eruption

This song is by Devourment and appears on the album Conceived in Sewage (2013).

From tearing
I feel them crawl
They pinch my skin
Infesting me
From deep within
I'm rotting from the inside out
Parasitic grubs pour out of my mouth
The taste of filth consumes my senses
Comatose I lie defenseless
My sinful acts caught up with me
A gift from hell this was to be
Vicious worms, tear my flesh
Pulsing mounds push through my chest
Frothing pus, bleeding eyes
Eaten as I slowly die
Thousands of maggots grub my body, forced to behold the painful terror
Lusting to die to end the torture, sight of the swarm brings me to seizure
Parasites, swarmingMass of bloody piles squirming
Every orifice erupting with grubs as the last of my fluid flows from my mouth
Now I feel the faintness begin to creep in, I am finally free from the pain I writhe in
What is this? I'm still alive
Bound and gagged, under blinding light
My body numb, I look to find
No limbs, no skin a new nightmare begins
The parasites injected as a twisted experiment
I lie helpless at the mercy of this lunatic
Keeping me alive, to endure impending torture
Burning from inside my skull, I feel the drill behind my eyes
Engulfed in endless pain I find
The insane torment twists my mind
Injecting grubs inside my brain
They'll nest and spawn to life again
They crawl again, in my head
Feasting through my ravaged form
Please let me die, let me die
This pain I can endure no more
From tearing

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