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Legalize Homicide

This song is by Devourment and appears on the album Conceived in Sewage (2013).

They won't let me
They can't stop me
They won't let me taste the blood
They say I'm a beast from hell
If I don't kill a fucker now
I'll carve myself till I pass out
I'm shackled by my twisted mind
A prisoner of the darkest kind
Ravaged by an insidious mind
A machine of death from within you'll find
The knife
The axe
The instruments to shred my prey
The rope
The shackles
To bind them down before they suffer
To smash them
To slice them
Bathe in the erotic viscera
To lust them
To fuck them
Inhale their dying breath
I watch them die
I stab their eyes to devastate
I rip their flesh with obscene hate
They'll see my hatred is profound
I eat their hearts to desecrate
Enamored of their gruesome fate
Deflesh the twitching lifeless mound
Their filthy blood soaks in the ground
Kill me
Or more will die
Kill me
Or more will die
I watch them die
I watch them die
Their dying eyes
Burned in my mind
Lust for blood controls my life
Legalize homicide

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