Devourment:Festering Vomitous Mass Lyrics

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Festering Vomitous Mass

This song is by Devourment and appears on the album Molesting The Decapitated (1999) and on the album 1.3.8. (2000).

[Lyrics By: Mike Majewski]

Calling for me
the urge to force a large knife through your skin and insert it again and
just to see your blood smeared on your face
and then splattered on me

haunted, haunted
I begin to see
Why I need to kill
my lust for your pain
is my reason to be

slicing your veins,
feeling your blood spray
all over my face
scream for me

I have to kill you to fulfil my needs
Reduce your form to a vomitous mass

Carnage and entrails all over
I force your corpse to bend over
now my urge has tripled
I have to feel you on me
dead fuck me!

I had to kill you to fulfil my needs
Now I must fuck you to enhance the deed
Blood smeared on my hard cock
then smeared on your ass
reduce your form to a vomitous mass

I cum on your face
spew my tainted seed
Rub it on your fuckin' tits
you whore you died for me
I think I like how you please me
Now that your a gory fuckin' mess
i'll keep your carcass ready for a fuck
anytime I feel you next to me