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My Prayer

This song is by Devotion and appears on the album Image Of Devotion (1999).

Dear God,
I know that she's out there,
the one that I'm suppose to share my whole life with.
And in time,you'll show it to me.
But will you take care of her,
comfort her & protect her
until that day we meet.
Let her know ...
my heart...
is beating with hers.

In a dream I hold you close
Embracing you with my hands
You gazed at me
With eyes full of love
And made me understand
That I was meant to share with you
My heart, my mind, my soul
Then I opened my eyes
And All I see
Reality shows I'm alone
But I know someday that you'll be by my side
Cuz i know God's just waiting till the time is right

God, would you keep her safe from the thunderstorm
When the day is cold
When you keep her warm
When darkness falls
Will you please shine her the way
God, will you let her know
That I love her so
And there's no one there
That she's not alone
Just close her eyes
And let her know
My heart is beating with hers

So I pray until that day
When our hearts will beat as one
I will wait so patiently
For that day to come
I know someday that you'll be by my side
Cuz I know God's just waiting till the time is right

(Repeat Chorus)

Its beating with hers
My heart is beating with hers
Its beating with hers

(Repeat Chorus)

Its beating with hers...

Its beating with hers

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