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Hip Hop Kids

This song is by Devotchkas and appears on the album Annihilation (2000).

I hate hip hop kids, I hate their fucking noise
I hate the hip hop girls and i hate the hip hop boys
They want to stare you down when you're walking down the street
They want to have a laugh because your style doesn't meet
Hip hop music, what a laugh, god i hope that shit won't last
Baggy clothes, fucked up limp, they think its cool to act like a pimp

I hate hip hop girls
I hate hip hop boys
I hate hip hop kids
I hate hip hop noise
Way of life, there is no pride
Who fuckin cares if tupac died
I don't care, white or black, this song is not a racial attack
But i will still have my say, hip hop kids: go away!

Work a day of life, most of them have never heard of that
Government check, parents sitting home, getting fat
Don't give a fuck what you've got to say
Always with an attitude, when they pass they feel you should pay

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