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What I'm Used To

This song is by Devon Sproule.

If we sang in a choir together

I would probably fall in love

With the sound that our voices made

Together, floating above

I would watch as your mouth opened

And your lips moved

In that funny way they do

I could be close to you

I feel so silly when you won't talk to me

And all I got is this great big crush

I get so stupid around you

And it ain't what I'm used to

Maybe I been thinking about you

A little too much

I fear this here fall coming on

I feel the shirt on my shoulders

Stay for days

I don't want to feel this blanket

Settle on my skin alone

I don't want to call this place home.

(Here would be my hymn)

If you were to think of me

A beautiful thing to be reckoned with constantly

Strapped to the pew

Trapped at low volume

So close to you

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