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​Rain Song

This song is by Devon Sproule.

She's been crying all day
Everyone complains and my socks are getting wet
But she keeps it up through the night
A comforting sob and a thousand more tears

Surrounding candles in the dark
I can still hear her crying
And I wish I had someone to keep me warm
Maybe I'll let her inside and we can talk

And she'll say something like "water"
And I'll ask her if she wants a drink
Maybe I'll distract her until tomorrow
And we'll get some sun around here

I always thought her hair was pretty when it was wet
And her crying echo sounded in my dreams
We drank some tea together
I warmed her up and I sent her home

Sometimes I wish I could join her
Under rock and over cloud, just beyond air
But I know we'll be there soon enough
We may as well all enjoy the ride