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Montreal Waltz

This song is by Devon Sproule.

I took the train from port henry to downtown montreal
I took the subway from downtown to here
I took the front steps to the front porch
And sat myself down
Now I'm sitting
And waiting

I got my toothbrush I got my backpack
I got my new guitar
I got a head full of stories to tell
I got a hundred new families and a million new friends
I got everything, everything
And more

There's the girl with the beautiful voice
And the boy with the beautiful smile
And the song that we sang all night
Beautiful enough to wake up the sun

I got a dozen pink roses from a man in burlington
He was sitting and listening to me play
I said thanks for the flowers
I guess I'll see ya later
And I left him sitting there

Today I got a letter from the girl with the voice
She said I had inspired her to sing
Well she was singing on paper and it made me so happy
To be sitting and listening to her

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