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This song is by Devin Townsend Project and appears on the album Epicloud (2012).

Go and know the waterfall of time
Take a minute of your precious time
Glowing in radiant lines
Oceans of radiant lives, but you're mine...

...You're mine!

All the world is rolling on in time
Takes a toll on all our waiting minds
Go away until the planets are aligned?
...Just go and take your moment till your fine

In time... it time!

Don't speak a word
Remember what you've heard
And all our life,
...All our life,
Don't speak a word
Remember what you've heard and ALL

Go now with your falling crumbling vine
See now how the righteous closes open minds
Ah now, fall with them!
...Because heaven know you'll try until you win

...But try!... you might find:

Heaven is the madness in our minds
Cause heaven isn't silent all the time

I'll be there waiting in line!

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