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Tall Latte

This song is by Devin Townsend and appears on the album Ziltoid the Omniscient (2007).

(Man:) ...And the greys flood our memories, In the long haul...
(Boss:) Hey Slacker! Wake up! We got people standing here in line; you're sitting there daydreaming. C'mon we got two venti white chocolate mochas, a tall Americano and a grande cappuccino! C'mon get your butt in gear! C'mon
(Man:) oh... sorry... sorry... sorry. OK, two um...
(Customer:) Excuse me
(Man:) Grande... frappe... shit...
(Customer:) Excuse me
(Man:) Yeah, yeah
(Customer:) Excuse me sir, I believe I ordered a decaf, non fat, no whip, sugar free, vanilla flavoured latte...
(Boss:) Hey slacker! Get to work! We got people lined up out the door over here, c'mon! We got two venti white mochas, a grande cappuccino and a tall latte! Let's go! Move it


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