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Iron Woman

This song is by Devin Davis and appears on the album Lonely People of the World, Unite! (2005).

It's hard to live in a basement
And not get carried away
When you're a caveman
On the pavement
In the U.S.A.

A light head in the headlights
Staring temporarily stunned,
Three whole weeks spent throwing
Matchsticks at the sun.

Iron woman,
They're amazed
That we managed to stay afloat.

Iron woman,
Seven days at the bow
Of a wobbly boat
On the Northern Atlantic
Sailing off for enemy shore.

We packed up our black axe
And our rucksacks
Back in '94.

But once we conquered the mainland,
She made some
High society friends
I never heard one word
From my Viking girl again.

Iron woman,
Fell in love
With the General's shiny stars.

Iron woman,
What happened to the rhino I know?

Iron woman,
Wrestle off all the rivets
Around your heart.

Iron woman,
I can still draw your picture
In the dark.

Written by:

Devin Davis

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