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​Cannons at the Courthouse

This song is by Devin Davis and appears on the album Lonely People of the World, Unite! (2005).

By the time we'd run another race around the sun
We were buried under blankets in the dark
All night long I laid and listened to your song
It didn't stop until the morning
When the rays from space took up marching on my face
And I was pulling covers up over my eyes
Before I knew it I was in some other room
With a rope ladder hanging from the ceiling

When sliding down the rope came Willie Nelson
Sayin' "Son, let's find the party that never ends"
We smoked some reefer on the roof of the White House
Couldn't wait to get back on the road again

Where the arctic sea had melted up to Tennessee
And we were running from the searchlights on the shore
I paddled my canoe down the alley after you
Over the cannons at the courthouse

It's three o'clock, the streets are empty
Man, this looks like no other place I've ever been
They leveled old Miss Miller's house and built a Walmart
Man, I don't ever want to move back here again

There's a Starbucks on top of Mount Everest now
There's a plan to land two on the moon
Each one fully equipped with some young artists hip to new
Paintings of Jesus in aerosol cheeses
While hell might be frozen when I get my toes in
The diamond sparkling stream...

That's airbrushed in the background of your wildest dream
A nameless extra in your wildest dream
A standby contestant on your wildest dream
A stand-in for the sidekick on your wildest dream
That's buried in the backyard of your wildest dream

Oh ma ma
Keep the mighty wheels beneath me
All the way to the rails in the sky
Oh ma ma
Keep the mighty wheels beneath me
All the way to the rails in the sky

Written by:

Devin Davis