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The Way You Do

This song is by Devil Doll and appears on the album The Return of Eve (2007).

No one makes me feel the way you do
No one lays me down the way you do
I got a bit more curl in my hair when you get through
And the way you keep your eyes on mine until we're through.

I said no one makes me feel the way you do
Just name the time and place and I'll meet you
I can't get that kind of loving where I'm from
Cause babe since I met you my bell was rung.

I said come on baby and show me how it's done
Say my name and tell me I'm the one
'Cause since your lovin' I ain't been the same
Make me wanna wear a ring and forget my name

I can't keep my mind away from you
No matter what I do, I think of you
And when I look at your picture I start to sweat
And when you touch me, babe, I get so wet.

I need a little bit of sugar in my bowl
And when you dip your spoon it just feels so
You've got this way of bringing out my best.
Baby let's get dressed up and make a mess.

All this and more I'd do for you,
I'd jump right on a plane just to see you,
My legs are crossed until we meet again,
You're my lover, don't want another,
You're my hero, my best friend.

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