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​The Axe Shall Fall

This song is by DevilDriver and appears on the album The Last Kind Words (2007).

This abomination won't see the end of days
Sit - Throne of Lies torn by The Voice On High...
Death was only a dream,
Not devastating disaster
The rites of passage - The past we can't alter
Fuck you and the horse that you rode in on
Just sit there and be silent as the grave

You've come out this time,
Smelling just like roses
I sit there, watch, while I drink my wine...

The weight of your sins and the evil beneath us
Will surely drag you down...

The axe shall fall on the one-winged Angel,
Breaking the spell, would you break this fall?
For he who sins against his kind,
The axe shall fall
...(All right) ...All right!

With a hollow heart and hollow eyes
A cry from The Cross - Serpents in disguise
Hearts of distrust, is what we despise
I sit there, watch, and drink my wine...

(PreChorus] / [Chorus)

[PreChorus] / [Chorus]...
...The axe shall fall
...On the one-winged angel tonight