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​Not All Who Wander Are Lost

This song is by DevilDriver and appears on the album The Last Kind Words (2007).

Only the gods know,
They're looking right through you
Straight into the eyes of a dead man
There isn't enough hours in the day...

What will be seen,
When your world comes crashing down?
Staring in the eyes of a gone man
No more fuckin' time left on your side
-(On your side...)-

All of your hopes and dreams don't mean shit!
All that's left is, now, to nowhere
I believe: Do anything at all costs
You must believe: Not all who wander are lost

Tied to the tree of woe, so woe to you
In front of the man with the dead eyes
With a choir of faith, there's still hell to pay
Not enough hours in the day
Hell of patience to be paid
So, who's left to wonder?
In the wake of destruction, get made

[Chorus] (alt L1: "...never meant shit!")
...Something, somewhere, injects the eye
...Texas nights! ...Defines the sky!