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​Horn Of Betrayal

This song is by DevilDriver and appears on the album The Last Kind Words (2007).

What the fuck do you want from me?
It's so damn plain to see, that you're not grateful
...Silence takes courage

No scars, no truth; but the wounds tell the story,
Of what will be done, for honor and glory
...Silence is deafening

Does the end justify the means?
In all honesty, how do you sleep?
...Silence takes courage

The horn of betrayal
Sounds loudly for The Fallen
While mine eyes are worlds away
Watch cowards as they bend the knee
Scratch a Liar - Find a Thief

Inside is where The Demon dwells
So, I bite my tongue, & when it comes to you
...Silence takes courage

Your heart needs amputation
Crying the "get-lost blues"... Fuck you!
...Silence is deafening

...Through the lies and the blasphemy
...You are fucking dead to me
...You are dead to me!

This De los Muerte, this Day of the Dead
It turns for me - Celebration instead
Skull and bones, walking away from the throne,
To seek another kingdom (Another kingdom x3)

Yeah... Your selfless heart...
You're selfless...
-(Waves of sorrow washed over me)-
Your selfless heart...
-(Like a sea of new memories)-