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Carings Overkill

This song is by DevilDriver and appears on the album Winter Kills (2013).

Doomed from the start it broke my heart!
Demented thoughts eclipsing time...
Now that part of me is cast aside
So long, goodbye, it's conquer and divide

She wears her horns just like a sacred crown...
There's no current strong enough to even hold her down...
All I ask of you is fucking where you've been?!
No doubt out hiding the bodies again, again!
Every time I ask you what's up
I'm constantly, constantly under cut!

Born to Burn
Say what You will
It's taking its toll
You're Caring's Overkill
Born to Burn
Say what You will
Its taking its toll
You're Caring's Overkill
You're Caring's Overkill
Watched it Slip Downhill

Sometimes it takes a good fall, all in all
To know exactly where you stand!
You're hanging from the skin of your teeth
So do just what you can!

My ears can't believe what they cannot hear
My eyes are blinded from what they cannot see
It drags me down, drags me down!
My burden to bare, nothing matters but the rain
These pills that eventually keep me sane
The pain I feel the battles won
Phoenix wings embrace the sun!

Your caring is... Your caring is... Overkill!

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