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​Bound By The Moon

This song is by DevilDriver and appears on the album The Last Kind Words (2007).

Brothers and Sisters,
The Lord's taking his own sweet time
Without rhyme or reason, the failure is not thine
Like wolves to a virgin, the intention is made clear
At war with ourselves - At war with the odds
At odds with the fear - Hard time will bring you,
Way, way down - And all of this running,
It's gonna be the death of me...

When they ask you about this,
Tell them I was...
Running in the company of wolves
It's the company we keep
Brotherhood - Bound by the Moon!

Went to the well,
But the goddamn thing was dry today
I spent all of my life, running from suicide
Is it the fucking fool,
That keeps on chasing the dream?
A dream that cannot fail - So proudly, we hail!

(Bridge] / [Chorus)

And we shall roam
And the wolf fucking fucked her
Lay, as she lay bleeding on the moors
...Bleeding on the moors
...[Chorus] ...Brotherhood of wolves