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The Mist

This song is by Deviated Presence and appears on the album Fall's Passage (2004).

In the mist there is a light, illuminates the water in the darkness.
Invisible all disaster, invisible me. I know I'm walking but not where.
Not towards the light. Not to the stars that distort the ways. The water
Embraces me, urges me forward to find something different.

And through the mist I wander,
Don't know my direction,
Diverging paths so many,
Endlessly I have to seek
Until the paths vanish
And infinity becomes nothing.

Shouts in the neverness, their sources meaningless,
Are lending shape to the surroundings,
They tell me everything and nothing,
Only what I take will matter.

What matters makes my fate
The path of my presence,
Depending on accident which is inexistant.
Every drop of water means to distort me,
Far beyond there's something called "me".

Guide me out of the fog!
My never unveiled destination,
Can it be ours?
Can you find me while I'm lost myself?
Can the mist leave to show the sunlight?
Can there be a path after this discovery?
So I walk on in gloomy darkness,
Hopeful that your presence is more than illusion.
Hopeful to arrive, somewhere.

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