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This song is by Deviated Presence and appears on the album Fall's Passage (2004).

You're standing alone
On the hill that the master built,
Only watching the stars,
Damned, your soul is killed.
To the stars you will go,
Beyond your death
And a better world you'll know
After your last breath.

In the dark belief
You found your way
To take your vengeance to them all.
Pray for redemption, for darkness.
In your rage they will fall

You're gonna sacrifice yourself as a lonely freak.
You'll leave this unfortuned existence
Where your human body's so weak.

You will be released
When your body can't feel anymore,
Freed from your pain,
Death like an open door,
Lonely in this cruel world,
Expelled by humans.
As an angel of wrath you'll return,
Creature of the night

Emptiness what you feel,
Unbearable desperation.
Could there be another way
Than deadly temptation?
While you've tried them all
Your inner darkness has risen,
And in the end you will have to fall,
You're not supposed to live.