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​Meaning Of Loss

This song is by Deviated Presence and appears on the album Fall's Passage (2004).

The rain weeps past the windows, a strange feeling keeps a hold on me.
Where am I? what has been before? questions, hardly answerable. cannot
Feel time, cannot feel myself.

Loneliness with me that breaks one's mind by time, remembrance, a pale
Shadow of past illusions. lost the time, lost the feelings, lost the
Thoughts, lost my mind, why not my life?!

It's the loss I feel of every day that's gone!
It interlards me, gives me a shape
That fits this unreal dismal world
I want to leave and escape the pain

They entered and left this drowning life so displaced, cut roots bleeding.
Like acid sadness burns in me
Again I can't find any sense in my life
Lost my hope
Before the dawn the time went
Another time I want to die

The strange feeling still burdening me
Remembrance, the rotten shadow of my illusions.
Lost the time, lost the feelings, lost the thoughts, lost my mind...

I am dying slowly
My mind breaks away

Reality nothing more than the distorted reflections in my cup, there's
Only sadness,
When you're watching yourself die and your world falls apart before your