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This song is by Deviated Presence and appears on the album Fall's Passage (2004).

Walking through cold air
The wind blows dead leaves along my way
Dead thoughts crawl my mind
It all left me this winter day

I roam through the wilderness
Created by the hand of man,
Feel it's cold expedient futility

Great quantity seems to be the death of the souls
Veiled under my covers
I'm dying beneath the vast diversity

The chains of human existence catch up to me
Force me to hate them
Captivated beyond their ignorance
Insanity is my companion

I pass in review the recent time
She recognized my secret which reappeared
Discovered my sores

But her sorrow prevented her
From remeding my dead soul
To fulfill her own meaningless task
She left and abandoned me under the moon

Now back in familiar paths
Hunting for the vertex of my life
Like a hungry beast
The drizzle floats through the darkness
Like my thoughts are wandering around the emptyness
Unable to grasp

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