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This song is by Deuxvolt and appears on the album Union Of Opposites (2012).

Overwhelming alibis
Unattended, dignified
Can you feel the pain for
Every sign
Of every kind

A world is underneath
I did visit it once
And the light went away from me
But down there's the truth from all we come from
Now it's time to leave, I'm going back tonight

Secret reality in blood judges us
Every moment in life is decided, performed
Come and see Goth with your own eyes
And pretend you're doing right
Every nightmare It's not your own,
It comes all the way down from Goth...

Step by step I make my way
Between webs and stone archways
All the way down
To enter Goth
And exit life

A soul is unredeemed
You're now one of us
It's impossible now to leave...