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​Dance With Ghosts

This song is by Deuxvolt and appears on the album Union Of Opposites (2012).

(Distorted reality...)
(Distorted reality...)

I see this world broken down in pieces
A rain of dirty lies fall down on me
A lot of people learn hypocrisy
From puppetters...

Flags of blood call they victory
So-called martyrs, but I can't believe
'Cause it's the time for remembering
Forgotten things...

Red stars, dark sky
A good day to die?
Pay the price, no paradise
A good day to fight!

This is a new war! Because it never ends!
Bullets for you, again and again!
Death from the sky, another hell on earth!
No Way! Until you dance with ghosts!

This is a new war!
And it never ends!
This is a new war!
Again and again!

The down of a new insanity
In the shadow of manipulated ideals
A lot of people forced to disappear
No memories...

My eyes, without tears
A good day to die?
Of your machine I'm not a gear
A good day to fight!

From puppetters... no memories...
Fall down...
Forgotten things... to disappear...
I can't believe...

(Dance with ghosts)
(Dance with ghosts)