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This song is by Deuxvolt and appears on the album Union Of Opposites (2012).

Girl: Why do not you call me love?
Boy: What is love? Is just a chemical reaction...

Drowning... deceiving and bleeding
Best wishes, your words or lies?
Feelings are chemical processes
Love works with dopamine from the brain

When trust was blind
For you it was not good enough [Can't see the light?]
Don't play with my mind
Black winter will come inside [Can't stop the pain?]

The night will come down
Taking now this broken wings [You blackheart!]
The days will pass by
Wishing what can never be [You blackheart!]
The smoke will drift up
From ashes of a shattered dream [You blackheart!]
The past is gone with
Just another dark piece...
...Of Blackheart

Break me and shake me hate me!
Deal with it: there's no love in there.
Whispering voices creep all around
Cardiac pulse just pumps your blood alive

I've done my time
Retracing mistakes on and on [Can't see the light?]
You want to go back
But memories fade to a black hole [Can't stop the pain?]

I'm killing now my romance,
I only need to stay away from you...
I'm killing now my romance,
I'm done with dreaming that never comes true...
I'm killing now my romance,
The feeding of illusion's over soon
I'm killing now my romance,
I only need to stay away from you...

Amleto: "...I loved you once."
Ofelia: "Indeed, my lord, you made me believe so"
Amleto: "You should not have believed me [...] I loved you not."