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​Beyond The End

This song is by Deuxvolt and appears on the album Union Of Opposites (2012).

I'm walking away
Another day has died
I'm walking alone,
I wish to dream again...

All I ask in this life
Is to find some place to rest
Inside my head
Longing to disappear...

Many years without a sun
Wrapped in shadows of the past
It seems already written in the stars,
No wind will be so cold
And no rain will be so hard

[Bring to life!] I'm returned from death
[No fear!] burning all the scariest ghosts
[Life's so frail!] in the sands of desert
[Against the stream!] in the deepest pit of mind
Where the days are dark
When the gravity's reversed
Resist, be strong, don't stop, go fast!
Beyond the end!

"A garden of roses
Cold as a dying stone
Sleeping in your bed...
Rest always in my heart..."

As I close my eyes
Heaven and hell together
Did I lose myself in someone else?
If everything fades away
Is it all meant to be empty,
Is it all meant to be vain?

"...I wake up to the sound of rain
Lost souls and dead bodies
Hold your life in your hands
Look beyond the light..."