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This song is by Deuteronomium and appears on the album Here To Stay (1999).

(Lyrics by Miika Partala)

It's not always easy to live this life
It's so much easier to see Paris and die
Well, I haven't seen it yet but maybe some day I will
But today I'd like to ask what kind of man I am?

I am not a man with a sense of humor, I have no jokes to tell
If you get bored, you can go, I won't blame your taste
But if you are curious and you have some time to stay
Please stay and listen to what kind of man I am

I am a fool of Christ
Does it bother you?
I hope it won't and I'm sorry if it does
But that kind of man I am

Well you've had time to listen this far, are you still surprised?
I guess you are, but that's OK, you will surely survive!
But let me ask you what kind of man you really are?
And hey; let me know if I'm too familiar!

I am a fool of Christ
I think it's OK for you
Thank you and bye bye then
But who's fool are you?