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Dead End

This song is by Deuteronomium and appears on the album Here To Stay (1999).

[Lyrics by J-J Kontoniemi]

Yeah, the life goes on
But something's wrong
'cause the beer has lost it's taste
Yes, the life goes on
But I can't go on
I've got no more years to waste

Yeah, the life goes on
And I try to hold on
'cause I've got no guts to go
Yes, the life goes on
So what's going on
Is this all that the world can show

Bad situation, no use trying
Lying on the floor, loudly crying
All that time and money I spent
Just to end up here, dead end

Yeah, the life goes on
I'd better move on
There's something beyond belief
Yes, my life goes on
And now I know
God's grace won't ever deceive

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