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Album by Deuce.
  1. Let's Get It Crackin (featuring Jeffree Star)
  2. Help Me
  3. America
  4. I Came to Party (featuring Travie McCoy and Truth)
  5. The One
  6. Freaky Now (featuring Jeffree Star and Truth)
  7. Nobody Likes Me (featuring Truth and Ronnie Radke)
  8. Walk Alone
  9. 'Till I Drop (featuring Truth, Gadjet and Veze Skante)
  10. Gravestone
  11. Now You See My Life (featuring Skee-Lo)
American iTunes Bonus Track:
  1. Walk the Walk (featuring Gadjet)
European Exclusive tracks:
  1. Don't Speak Bitch
F.Y.E. Exclusive tracks:
  1. Hollyhood Vacation (featuring Truth)
Japan Exclusive tracks:
  1. Set It Off (featuring Truth)
Best Buy Exclusive tracks:
  1. Deuce Dot Com
  2. Don't Approach Me
Canadian iTunes:
  1. Deuce Dot Com
  2. Don't Approach Me
  3. Walk the Walk (featuring Gadjet)
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