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The Source To Delve

This song is by Detonation and appears on the album Portals to Uphobia (2004).

Wounded by time and situation
I gaze beyond the boundaries of our horizon
My hands cut off to prevent resistance
Time shall foretell the duration of my absence

Preparing my mind for failure
For failure and deceit,
Nothing will satisfy me
Satisfy me in my need

Led into a state of misfortune
But through the powers that made me immune
And by the energy that created life itself
I am guided towards the source to delve

I'm reaching the end of tolerance
Which portal did I miss to see?
Nothing will satisfy me
Satisfy me in my need

And slumber comes down upon your perspective
Taking down all mistakes there are to forgive

I am supplied by anger, fed by mistakes
Gateways towards nothing
Nothing there to gain

The strength of light
Reduced to shadows
And fire and stone
Merge from where all hatred grows

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