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Solitude Reflected

This song is by Detonation and appears on the album Portals to Uphobia (2004).

Destructive, discouraging, isolated
Words that describe a secluded mind
In stillness I wither, yet deserted and enshrined

Away from my wasted core
Where structure has faded...
A shadow that I crave to ignore
In solitude I am reflected

No more contempt for me to obtain
The chain of endurance, broken in motion
Once the portals lock one by one
Restrain what may never become again

Questions that have to be replied
A shadow that wants to be fed
One life that has to be taken
I am not the one to decide

Systematic procedures and regulation
In general perspective
As common as the rise of dawn
Yet appalling to me
Like the coming of a deadly storm

Solitude reflected
Socially rejected

Fragments of the past
To painful to confront
Yet I am conscious of my task...
As retribution lurks from below

Decisions should have been made
Fear, a life span taken by phobias
Limited are the paths to take
Narrow is the path to euphoria

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