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Ghenna's Punchline

This song is by Dethcentrik.

Who is this twisted face in my mirror the longer I look the image becomes clearer The seed of the purple flower once thought my sweet release has forsaken my body and Opened my eye blood pours from my lips and light shines from my eyes is this real or Just in my mind

I'm God, I'm the Devil I am forever!

The universe has taken me from my place of power my body is dead
I'm frozen
Now from the box on the wall the truth becomes clear the clock is frozen the world Has stopped I am death I am dead my body so stiff my world so slow my life flashes Before me but this isn't me he tells me to relax but my mind is so free the man with The knife isn't me, It isn't me!
JACKIE T! you don't think I would do this just to mess with you do you? he says as The last of my breath slips out of my lips
Welcome to Hell

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