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Early Demos and Singles (2010)Edit

Dethcentrik - Early Demos and Singles

Early Demos and Singles

  1. Society's Whores
  2. Morderisk Depresjon
  3. Life Down the Toilet
  4. Skullfuck the Infidel
  5. Society's Whores (demo version)

Unititled (2010)Edit



  1. Violent Sex Change
  2. Double Crosser
  3. Bright Lights of Heaven

Why The Innocent Die Young (2011)Edit

Dethcentrik - Why The Innocent Die Young

Why the Innocent Die Young

  1. Demise of Mankind
  2. If Only
  3. Rip My Heart Out (featuring Lauren McDonald)
  4. Columbine Justice Spree
  5. Realms Yet Unknown

I Think You Got The Clean Version (2013)Edit

  1. Intro
  2. Let Us Prey
  3. Scapes Of The Real (featuring DJ RIbotic)
  4. I Want To Kill Them All (featuring Cold Metal Future)
  5. Realization of Being In Hell
  6. We Are Slaves To Machines
  7. A Quick Yet Painful Death

The Fourth ReichEdit

  1. Pledge of Compliance
  2. Ghenna's Punchline
  3. The Evil Of Good
  4. Enough Of You
  5. Beat Your Man
  6. Sex Offender Offender
  7. The Ultimatum
  8. Possessed by Christ
  9. Fuck The Cuts I Reap
  10. Land Of The Slaves And The Home Of Pure Hatred
  11. My Mask
  12. Rebellion
  13. The End Of The West


Other SongsEdit

  1. Connecticut
  2. Why Won't You Die?

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