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​The Unnatural Convention

This song is by Determination.

It was a dark dark night, full of rain and stormy weather
I looked up to the sky wondering about
What really matters to you in life?
What is your purpose?
Why are you here?
Suddenly a voice came up behind me
It said:

The Voice:
What is your matter stranger?
Do you feel uncomfortable the way you think, the way you live?
The way others tell you to be? The way you're supposed to be?

I replied:
Listen to this what I say to thee!
If I can't win faith what choice in life have I got?
What if everything ends tomorrow and life didn't change?
What about all the important things which matter to me?
Is it all for nothing?

The Voice:
By nothingness embraced you may find your way
But it may not be the righteous
But do you dare to cross this path?

But what if I forget about everything I've ever believed in?
Does this bring freedom to man?
I feel very uncomfortable at the moment
I dream every night
The best solution would be to part from all this

The Voice:
Teacher, teach yourself, teach your own lesson
You decide for yourself as your free will unfolds
Do not blame the others for your own trangressions
For what matters in life
The answer some will never find
But if you search you will find peace for yourself

Suddenly the voice had disappeared and I left home
The weather got heavier and I laid myself down to sleep
Why do dreams bring hollow nights?
I guess I'm with my thoughts all alone
The answer I must find myself...